SKS became the
best-selling online vape
in the UK is a vape shop in the UK that sells a variety of vape products including e-liquids, vape kits, coils, pods and CBD products. They stock disposable vapes, starter kits, pod kits, advanced kits and rebuildable kits. They also offer CBD oil and edibles, and their products come in a variety of flavours.

Inside's Challenge

Alectrofag faced declining revenues from its physical vaping outlet in the UK amid changing market dynamics.


SKS stepped in to pivot Alectrofag’s strategy towards the digital realm. We meticulously designed and launched an online ecommerce store tailored to the vaping industry. From product listings to bespoke designs and layouts, our end-to-end support ensured a seamless transition online. Coupled with targeted SEO strategies for controlled non-marketable products, we propelled Alectrofag to the No. 1 spot on search engines within months.


The move online was transformative. Alectrofag’s online store has generated sales nearing £7 million in the UK, marking a significant turnaround and establishing a strong digital presence.

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