About Company:

SKS is a vision and a dream that came into existence on 1st July 2020. Initially, we started working with a team of only four members. Our first step was a retail store, Alectrofag; with only 4-5 people, we managed all the work regarding graphics, data entry, SEO, social media, development, QA, accounts, HR and much more. With the passage of time, proper departments were established, and training was given to the teams. We faced uncountable challenges, but we worked together in it, and we coped with all those challenges to end up with a success story. Afterwards, we introduced the UK’s biggest B2B vaping marketplace; it was a dream project, and the entire team worked hard day and night. We spent many nights in the office working harder in context to make our dream come true. In this way, we got other projects as well. Over time, the efficiency and dedication of our team members increased, and we took our projects to a new level. Today, we have a team of 60 members working in 11 departments. We have shifted from our home city Sialkot to Lahore in order to excel more in the relevant market. Now we are currently working on launching more splendid projects. Warehouse Management System (WMS): It’s a game-changer for all of us, and we are determined to launch it in the UK market initially and then globally. Still, our teams are working hard by leaps and bounds to take the company to a new level.

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Our mission is to
empower brands to
achieve their goals

We are all about supporting and encouraging the brands that work with us.

  • With dedication and teamwork, our mission is to empower such brands/businesses to achieve their goals.


  • We do so by providing such brands with our services and producing results that surpass expectations.

Message From the CEO

With hands-on experience in the industry, we have excelled in working on the principles that lead to the pinnacle of success. We are affirmed to make it an exquisite journey when you get into the digital world through the medium of Source Kode Solution. We value our highly professional and loyal employees that work hard to meet the standards. That’s why we highly pay heed to replenish our team because they spend tenacious moments of hard work to pave the way for excelling in the digital world splendidly. That’s how our teamwork makes us your foremost choice!

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Our Standards

Being Relevant

Our goals are simple and effective to the point. We provide services that guarantee results.

Memorable Branding

Our results speak for themselves. Our services go unparallel and leave an everlasting impact on the brands and businesses we work with.

Positive Impact

Our work ethic is done in such a way as to create a positive impact that is unique and eye-catching whilst fulfilling its purpose.


With a top-notched worth ethic, our team is a mix of various backgrounds that promotes an environment that attracts every kind of brand/business to work with us.

Multidisciplinary Team

Our team holds the values to work on several tasks with steady coordination due to our experienced and highly specialized individuals.

Recent Technology

To stay ahead of the competition and to ensure the brands/businesses working with us also stay ahead of their game we stay up to date with the best in the market so to meet and fulfil the demands of our customers in the most updated way.