Plate Empire’s Journey to
become a best custom
plate site

With years of experience making personalised, cherished & registered number plates, Plate Empire has a dedicated team for customised number plates that come in various sizes and fonts. Each number plate we personalise for you tells a story

Inside Plate Empire’s Challenge

Plateempire sought to launch a new website to sell custom and road-legal number plates in the UK, needing visibility in competitive digital spaces.


SKS developed and launched a robust website for Plateempire, optimizing product displays for Google Shopping and search ads while building website authority to drive significant traffic and conversions.


This strategic implementation has positioned Plateempire as a key player in the UK’s number plate market, witnessing substantial growth and visibility online.

Trusted partnerships

We’ve streamlined our approach to ensure that every client receives personalized,
strategic solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations.
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