Over the years, the trend of advertising and promoting a product or brand has seen many shifts. One of the most popular, yet, effective method practiced is Influencer Marketing. Much like the traditional method of celebrities that would promote a brand or product, this trend follows a similar but much more effective style. In this type of marketing, an influencer is defined as anyone that has the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of his/her authority, knowledge, position or relationship with his or her audience. Secondly, the following of the influencer should be in a distinct niche. As compared to celebrities, influencers are the ones that build a keen and enthusiastic audience. A big majority of the followers do not care about a brand or product, BUT more about the opinions of the influencer they follow.

Influencer marketing is the method of collaborating with an online influencer to market/promote one of your products or brands. The basic purpose initially, isn’t to generate sales but to promote and increase the exposure of your brand or product. 

Unlike celebrities, influencers can be found anywhere and are more easy-going as compared to celebrities. Their large following on social media platform(s) is what makes them influential. An influencer can be anyone from a professional photographer to an athlete or a blogger who is good at poetry and quotations, who may have a huge following simply because his/her writing is relatable.

There are influencers in all types of industries. You have to find the right one that will promote your product or brand to the right audience. Despite the following, whether it’s in millions or hundreds of thousands, the fact is, the influencer would have built a reputation in his/her particular field for being an expert in it. Influencers are the go-to in their respective fields. They create the most engaging content and compile the best videos or graphical content and run the most informative sessions online that makes them so important for advertising and promoting your product or brand.